I made BALLZ!

BeBloodyFit Ballz

Mmmm so meaty!

I took 2 recipes and created my own ballz. These are the two I used:
http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/anne-burrell/excellent-meatballs-recipe.html http://www.djfoodie.com/Burger-Balls

16oz of ground beef (80lean/20fat) *I used Creekstone Farms Natural Premium Black Angus Beef (86lean/14fat) (made 12 golf ball size ballz) can use 1 ½ to 2 lbs of meat for 18-20 ballz

1 large egg

1 small onion, chopped *I used ½ of a large **carmelized onion would be sooo tasty!

1 garlic clove, diced

Salt and Pepper to taste

Olive oil, coconut oil, ghee or whatever you use to cook with in a pan

**If had cilantro or parsley, I would have diced up and added to the mixture.

In a sauté pan, add your cooking oil (coat pan/2 tablespoons) add the onions and bring to a medium-high heat on the stove. Season the onions with Himalayan or sea salt and pepper – cook for about 5-7mins. Ahh the smells! The onions should be very soft but have no color. Add the garlic and saute for another 1-2mins. Turn off heat, move from burner to cool.

Pre-Heat oven to 350

Grab a mixing bowl, add your beef, egg, warm onion mixture and any seasonings you like. Combine mixture well, squish that shit together. Get those hands meaty! (Keeping your hands wet/damp keeps the meat from sticking to your hands)

Form into 1-1/2 to 2 inch balls – think golf ball size or a little bigger – honestly make the size that is just right for you to enjoy!!

**Both recipes called for searing the outside of the balls in pan for about 2 minutes over medium-high heat. Basically browning on all sides – I skipped this step. I decided I’d flip them in the oven.

Place ballz on a cookie sheet, I covered with foil and baked them in the preheated oven for about 15mins, I flipped ½ way through or until the meatballs are cooked all the way. I added mushrooms, 6 asparagus and green onion to my saute pan and cooked for 5-7mins.

**Organic pasta – followed cooking directions on package (could use quinoa, red potatoes or what fits your food plan)
**Organic Marinara Sauce
**21 Day Fix approved**


How to make almond milk at home for beginners – SuperLife

Have you made almond milk at home??🌰🌱 Any tips?✏

It seems easier than I thought. I like the pictures and description from @Superlife

Cheers to trying new things!💚xo

**over the years, my milk life has gone from 2%(growing up), to low fat, skim or 1% (teens, 20s, early 30s), to none, to almond or coconut milk(past 3 yrs: mid to late 30s).


Word of the Month: CHANGE

September Word of the Month: CHANGE

As we enter month NINE of 2014 and you reflect on the year, what changes big and small have you made in order to achieve goals, and live the healthy, fit and fun sustainable life you desire??  What changes are allowing you to feel success and the difference in your day to day activities??!

CHANGE is not easy.

CHANGE brings about growth.

CHANGE is YOU choosing to make it happen

CHANGE is a choice and not always easy to do or see as we can become so blinded by our day to day shuffle here, shuffle there…say in robot voice, “This is what I do. This is my life. I am stuck.”

Well YOU are only stuck if you think you are.  Yes, sometimes it feels like we are in concrete and never getting out, BUT if you want out, you want change, you want to grow and make your goals happen then make it so.  Ask questions, connect with others you know are doing just that…all it takes is that first step.

Keep your focus on your big and small progress no punishment on your slip ups (it’s life it can happen).  Keep striving for daily progress.  Some days you really feel and see it and some you’re like WTF, I’ve been working hard.  Don’t allow it to stop you – YOU ARE STRONG and will persevere.  Continue to understand the path won’t be easy but it will be worth it, change is happening every day.  And in my opinion it beats complaining about being or feeling stuck when you have a plan and goals set into action.

Dial in your days for growth and change, be open to new positive experiences, embrace your new behaviors and thoughts – hey look at me all nice and loving;), be challenged, face fears, add in positive habits and surroundings and people with similar goals.  Not everyone close to you will understand or even want to join you and that is ok, maybe they are not ready but don’t allow that to stop you from the change you seek – be an example, be the one who takes the step forward for self-progress and lead the way.

Experience the new everyday energy, the new life from within, the new breath, the new people that come into your life who are doing what you want to be doing and guess what they had to make it happen too:)

Cheers to being the CHANGE you wish to feel, see and be in your life and in the world.  Love you all and if you want to talk about change, goals, life you know where to find me;)  Leave a message, I would love to connect and share!! xoxo
year motivation calendar

FEAR Have You Turning Around??

Fear mind killer


How many of you have allowed fear to stop you??

“Fear is inevitable, I have to accept that, but I cannot allow it to paralyze me.” ~ Isabel Allende

I can admit I have.  But, damn if this quote doesn’t resonate and make me sit up taller and feel stronger because I know the true power is in the push forward. The fear will always be, it is in the doing where the growth will come. Who will face a fear with me this week?!! xo


Fear drop it

True Mark of Maturity

Something to keep in mind that is not always easy, oh believe me, because sometimes people rub you the wrong way and you want to bop them upside the head;) Sometimes those people are displaying things I do only they are 10x worse so I’m more annoyed (come on you know what I’m talking about, that damn life mirror – ha).

Begin to let what Deepak Chopra says resonate with you , “people are doing the best that they can from their own level of consciousness.” it puts a new perspective on situations with certain people.

Don’t get me wrong, lessons need to be learned and taught in order to become more aware and raise the level of consciousness but you will not be able to make a person change. You have to simply let them gather the information that you set forth and lead by example (right – easier said than done but we all have the ability to do this!!). Walking away and separating yourself from the person and situation is at times the best way to grow.

Remember, people will choose to act out, try to escape, become silent – no matter the expression people want to be heard, be seen, be understood and in the end some are only looking for reactions. How will you react?!!

Cheers to being aware and living a healthy, fit and fun life! xo


Monday Dose of Motivation

Monday Motivation:

AGREE!!  I’ve been the food abuser, I still have my emotional eating moments but I am more aware and I begin to think, “what are you avoiding, Marcie”, “what is big on your list that is making you nervous and begin to stress, grab and eat w/o thinking”.  By me having these thoughts is a BIG change for me vs just muncha muncha muncha.

I’m not perfect, I have those cravings, I want to curl up surrounded by some favorite horrible goodies but all it does is prolong the inevitable, then I’m feeling sick, bloated and have now put off my goals for another day and that is not an option.

I choose EXERCISE to gain energy and strength, to lift my fog, to have new ideas flowing through my brain, to gain new perspectives, to make better choices, to feel HAPPY, SWEATY, SORE (a little), and AWESOME!!

These changes are not easy whether you are just starting out or dialed in – YOU get stronger!!  You have some slip ups but YOU keep going!!  YOU choose investing in your health and living a life you desire vs complaining, making excuses, avoiding or thinking people that are in shape must have it easy – ummmm NO.

EASY is walking into a store buying anything, with no focus and then upset nothing is going your way in life so bitch and complain but don’t want to change.  HARD is walking into a store with a plan, staying focused, and feeling upset because your plan didn’t go as you desired but feeling good because you’re another step closer to your goals and things are going your way.

Cheers to living a healthy, fit and fun life!! xo


STOP Thinking JUST DO IT!!

March 6 2014

4 years ago, I was one lost chick. Where was Marcie? Why was I behaving, reacting and annoyed by so many things. Oh let’s drink and eat to discuss all these things – that will make me feel amazing – wahhhwahhh:(

I would build up all this emotion and let it come out in the wrong way holy Drunk City and Hangover Lane – can SUCK IT now – that solves nothing but allowing me to misbehave and avoid. I self-sabotaged myself, by not doing, or being true to me. I felt I was standing in a place, that I didn’t belong. I was not fulfilling my goals, my dreams, I was living someone else’s, some that society said and some I learned. Not saying bad or good, but I allowed too many little heads to run through mine that I mind-f***ed myself. I felt paralyzed.

I was thinking about my changes for WAY too long, I stopped myself due to “I need a steady income”, “I need insurance”, “I want to travel”, “I need to pay bills”, etc. Well, guess what, I took a leave (2010-2011), went back for 2 years ( thought my new head space would be better but it was 2 too many) and resigned last year from education. I’m 10x happier than 4 years ago, even 6 years ago when I really was contemplating a change. Listen to you!!

Being a part of a huge health movement with Beachbody filled with positivity, inspirational stories, fitness, health…I had never been more supported or around so many awesome happy go-getter, true under-dog to inspiration in my life and I will forever be changed for the better. I chose Turbo Fire/Shakeology/healthier habits and the rest is a continual work in progress, a vast learning of myself through personal development, goal setting, being more awake and aware, crushing goals, setting new goals, struggling at times, but never forgetting how far I have come. BE PROUD!

I don’t even recognize that girl from 4 years ago, I knew when I fully committed to me and a healthier lifestyle on April 11, 2011, that I was shedding not only fat and negativity, but I was honoring myself and where I was at the time, I promised myself I would not return to that girl. She is a part of me but she represented a shell of who I am, my protector, but it wasn’t the true me.

After years of being up and down since childhood in weight, being made-fun of (rude – you don’t know my story nor do I yours), making poor choices in eating and relationships…I lifted the fog and rebooted ME. What an amazing f***ing feeling it is!!! I’m tearing up thinking of how far I have come, some really harsh moments I had to face and still do at times but to be right here living my BEST SELF ever is my hard work of crushing goals I set and keep setting.

To think 4 years ago I was crying in my room wanting out of everything – pack bags hop a plane to some little island and be gone. Instead I faced ME, found ME again and have continued to learn and grow stronger. These past 3 years have brought me to new beginnings and so many opportunities, all I see is nowhere to go but up Up UP!! Am I earning as much, NO. Am I projected to earn way more than I was, YES and it is happening:)!! Am I happy, full of love and awesomeness that I want to give and share with ALL, HELL YES!

Cheers to being true to you and living a healthy, fit and fun life!! xo
**Thank you for reading – I know was long but wow did that feel good to share:)**
YOU are not alone!! We are all in this together!!


The Act of Creating Yourself

create you

“The most creative act you will ever undertake is the act of creating yourself.” ~Deepak Chopra

The beauty of life is that you can create and keep on recreating YOU at any moment and age.  Think of the benefits of reinventing yourself every year as you learn, become more knowledgeable and gain new perspectives.  We can’t stay in our old mind sets as we move forward.  If you do or if you have you know it does not work and you fight with yourself over what you were told or taught in your past vs what you come to learn and believe as you grow older.
You have to allow yourself to let go.  Let go of the emotions and feelings that you are clinging to, let go of negative and non-supportive relationships, let go of your fears of change, let go of the unnecessary drama, the negative nelly crap and the lame excuses.  It’s time to breathe, move on and focus on the important things…you and your life goals.
Create a life that is true to your likes, your needs and your wants.  A life that is true to where you are right here and now.  A life that is fulfilling and makes you smile and happy.  A life that surrounds you with positive, uplifting and supportive people.  Cheers to this crazy fun life adventure we are all on together!  Be kind to one another and enjoy! xoxo ME
And fyi I’m not saying this is easy.  I work towards creating the life I want to be living everyday (definitely been more aware and focused the past 3 years) and believe me some days are better than others but that’s life.  The important thing is to remember that you don’t need to strive for perfection but make it a point to do and be better on a daily basis.

Silence is not always golden

Choose to be heard.  Choose to listen.  Choose to speak your truth.  Choose to make a difference.  Choose to motivate.  Choose to inspire.  Choose to be real.  Choose to be honest with yourself and others.  Choose to believe.
Silence is not always golden.  Don’t allow your insecurities or your fears stop you from living your dream and making a difference in not only your life but the lives of those around you. Xo, ME

Mental Tune-Up

Mental Tune-Up Tuesday:  Make the most of a FAIL whether epic or not and FALL forward.
This is not the easiest to do for many people.  We applaud and cheer even the littlest of events in our lives because we want to succeed and enjoy the successful rush.  Then we fail and don’t want to share, we say it was nothing, it’s felt and sometimes seen as doom and gloom.
Why not turn that fail upside down and inside out falling forward instead??!!  Use your fail as a lesson in growth, a lesson in preparation, a lesson in persistence, a lesson in strength, a lesson in knowing how hard you are willing to work to turn that fail into a success.
The path to our goals will not be filled with success after success it will come from practice, from failing, learning and giving it a go again with a new perspective.
Cheers to giving yourself a mental tune-up and living a healthy, fit and fun life! Xo, ME