Word of the Month: CHANGE

September Word of the Month: CHANGE

As we enter month NINE of 2014 and you reflect on the year, what changes big and small have you made in order to achieve goals, and live the healthy, fit and fun sustainable life you desire??  What changes are allowing you to feel success and the difference in your day to day activities??!

CHANGE is not easy.

CHANGE brings about growth.

CHANGE is YOU choosing to make it happen

CHANGE is a choice and not always easy to do or see as we can become so blinded by our day to day shuffle here, shuffle there…say in robot voice, “This is what I do. This is my life. I am stuck.”

Well YOU are only stuck if you think you are.  Yes, sometimes it feels like we are in concrete and never getting out, BUT if you want out, you want change, you want to grow and make your goals happen then make it so.  Ask questions, connect with others you know are doing just that…all it takes is that first step.

Keep your focus on your big and small progress no punishment on your slip ups (it’s life it can happen).  Keep striving for daily progress.  Some days you really feel and see it and some you’re like WTF, I’ve been working hard.  Don’t allow it to stop you – YOU ARE STRONG and will persevere.  Continue to understand the path won’t be easy but it will be worth it, change is happening every day.  And in my opinion it beats complaining about being or feeling stuck when you have a plan and goals set into action.

Dial in your days for growth and change, be open to new positive experiences, embrace your new behaviors and thoughts – hey look at me all nice and loving;), be challenged, face fears, add in positive habits and surroundings and people with similar goals.  Not everyone close to you will understand or even want to join you and that is ok, maybe they are not ready but don’t allow that to stop you from the change you seek – be an example, be the one who takes the step forward for self-progress and lead the way.

Experience the new everyday energy, the new life from within, the new breath, the new people that come into your life who are doing what you want to be doing and guess what they had to make it happen too:)

Cheers to being the CHANGE you wish to feel, see and be in your life and in the world.  Love you all and if you want to talk about change, goals, life you know where to find me;)  Leave a message, I would love to connect and share!! xoxo
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