Mental Tune-Up

Mental Tune-Up Tuesday:  Make the most of a FAIL whether epic or not and FALL forward.
This is not the easiest to do for many people.  We applaud and cheer even the littlest of events in our lives because we want to succeed and enjoy the successful rush.  Then we fail and don’t want to share, we say it was nothing, it’s felt and sometimes seen as doom and gloom.
Why not turn that fail upside down and inside out falling forward instead??!!  Use your fail as a lesson in growth, a lesson in preparation, a lesson in persistence, a lesson in strength, a lesson in knowing how hard you are willing to work to turn that fail into a success.
The path to our goals will not be filled with success after success it will come from practice, from failing, learning and giving it a go again with a new perspective.
Cheers to giving yourself a mental tune-up and living a healthy, fit and fun life! Xo, ME

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