Monday Dose of Motivation

Monday Motivation:

AGREE!!  I’ve been the food abuser, I still have my emotional eating moments but I am more aware and I begin to think, “what are you avoiding, Marcie”, “what is big on your list that is making you nervous and begin to stress, grab and eat w/o thinking”.  By me having these thoughts is a BIG change for me vs just muncha muncha muncha.

I’m not perfect, I have those cravings, I want to curl up surrounded by some favorite horrible goodies but all it does is prolong the inevitable, then I’m feeling sick, bloated and have now put off my goals for another day and that is not an option.

I choose EXERCISE to gain energy and strength, to lift my fog, to have new ideas flowing through my brain, to gain new perspectives, to make better choices, to feel HAPPY, SWEATY, SORE (a little), and AWESOME!!

These changes are not easy whether you are just starting out or dialed in – YOU get stronger!!  You have some slip ups but YOU keep going!!  YOU choose investing in your health and living a life you desire vs complaining, making excuses, avoiding or thinking people that are in shape must have it easy – ummmm NO.

EASY is walking into a store buying anything, with no focus and then upset nothing is going your way in life so bitch and complain but don’t want to change.  HARD is walking into a store with a plan, staying focused, and feeling upset because your plan didn’t go as you desired but feeling good because you’re another step closer to your goals and things are going your way.

Cheers to living a healthy, fit and fun life!! xo



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