It’s never too late…

change the road on

No matter the day, time or place it’s never too late to take charge of your life and change the road you’re on. If we waited for the perfect moment to make a life change we wouldn’t get very far, there is always another obstacle waiting in the distance that will enter and after awhile you end up right where you started. It’s time to start pushing through the obstacles one at a time.

I call this the cycle that keeps on giving…sometimes we go through those cycles more than we care to admit. We tend to ignore our true passions and feelings because we want to “do right” and yet we end up miserable and complaining. There is a reason certain events comes back around either you didn’t deal with it properly, ignored it or you decided to go for it but got nervous, had a few failed attempts and it faded. Ultimately, you feel you pushed through and learned a lesson but it was still lingering in the back of your mind.

When you begin to feel “hmmmm, I feel like I’ve been here before” and the situation is similar, the questions in your head are similar if not deeper, the excitement and fear of change rush through your body, this is not a coincidence YOU are being given another chance another opportunity to change the road you’re on. It won’t be easy or perfect but it will be movement, it will be growth, it will be YOU pushing through the obstacles one day at a time to make your dreams and goals come true.

Cheers to taking charge and living a healthy, fit and fun life! xo


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