It’s never a question of can you, but will you?

It’s never a question of can you, but will you?  Some days are harder than others…agree?
I was sore from a yoga flow class last night where I felt comfortably uncomfortable in many poses.  I honestly was not in the mood to push myself this morning (I knew what was coming – haha).  I could have FIT blocked myself with excuses and gone about my day but ultimately I know I was being laaaazy.
I’ve learned these are the times to push myself harder, break through that process and feel the endorphin high…within 2 minutes I was thankful I hit play, 1/2 way through my sweat fest I was like WTF Shaun-T as it hurt so good, to damn I’m a warrior, to yes high five to me.  I chose me, I chose to see my strength, I chose to push myself beyond what I was feeling, now I feel stronger and ready to roar through the day.  What will you choose today to improve your tomorrows?!
Cheers to pushing yourself beyond and living a healthy, fit and fun life! xo

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