Can you imagine doing what you love?


Can you imagine doing what you love?  How would you feel?  What is stopping you?!!

You get these little lights that go off in your head but you ignore them thinking wouldn’t that be nice or ahhhh a girl/boy can dream.  Don’t deny yourself from what you love!  If you want positive change in your life you must take steps and set goals to make it happen.  Change will show up, it will knock really hard and look you in the face but what you choose to do with it, how you choose to respond is completely on you.  You have to be willing to make sacrifices, put in the time and do the work every damn day!

If you want to feel fulfilled everyday do what you love!  Stop ignoring, push harder and do more!  Live your dream and you will excell.  It’s time to exit the safe bubble.  The bubble you claim to feel safe in.  The bubble that you complain about.  The same bubble that makes you feel sick physically, mentally and emotionally.  It becomes more draining and difficult to keep doing what you’re doing than to follow what you love. 

It won’t happen overnight but listening to yourself, being honest with yourself and doing what you love will change how you live.  Believe in you and all your awesomeness!!

Cheers to doing what you love and living a healthy, fit and fun life! Xo


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