Sunday Salutes 03.10.13…but since I’m late…THANKFUL THURSDAY it is;) xo



1. To an awesome fun filled trip to STL…I LOVE my family!! A road trip to Louisville with my sisters Amy, Kari, Kelli and Molly and my cousin Laura to the P!nk concert…”Walk this way…we’re walking, we’re walking…” and “man that looks like a soft …pillow…” ladies thanks for the laughs and memories – ♥ you all!

2. To P!nk for being a freaking amazing performer and bad ass rocker – what a show – thank you!!

3. To my bestie Lisa, for 25 years of friendship and going strong…you know me like no other…shhhh;) Love you!

4. To Zoe, my fitness accountability partner and 2 years later still going strong…I’m so thankful for your friendship! And one of these days we will meet face to face!! Thank you for making my life “sparkle” with, what a sweet and thoughtful surprise!

5. To Gretchen, thank you for one of the most amazing letters I have received in the mail from a friend:) You’re an awesome friend and I’m happy you are in my life! Life really is brighter and fuller when you decide to live the dream everyday;)

6. To my BeBloodyFit Team – YOU ROCK!! You make me a better and stronger person everyday – wahooo!! Are you ready to join me…us?!!

7. To completing week 9 and now 4 days into week 10 of Les Mills Pump – WOW!! My body is transforming into the image I had in my head 6 months ago…making goals come true!! It’s amazing to feel and see it happen – hard work, goal setting, and being true to you will lead you to what you want…it’s not always easy but I choose to make it happen every day.

8. To being flu free…although after the weekend with runny noses and coughs from my nieces and nephews…I am beginning to feel a “bug” but my plan…squash it!!;) Listen to your body!

9. To all my family and friends (near and far; old and new) on FB, twitter, and Instagram who are sending me messages about their fitness journey and thanking me for inspiring and motivating them…THANK YOU for your daily support and motivation – together we are stronger, together we hold each other accountable, together we share our highs/lows and push through it! I am LOVING what I’m doing!

10. To my awesome 4th period Bodyshaping class – they all did a great job presenting their Yoga Salutations to the class…last week…Namaste! I might have a few future yoga instructors and yes I told them they would be great;)

Bonus: To my man, Brian thank you for your unconditional love and support – YOU ROCK MY WORLD, baby:-* xo


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