Sunday Salutes 02.24.13 – this week is dedicated to living YOUR dream!

Sunday Salutes 02.24.13 – this week is dedicated to living YOUR dream!

1. To the joys of a week off and living the dream…meeting up with friends in the afternoon for walking and talking, sleeping in past 5:30am, working out in the morning, living by my “life bell” vs “school bell”, I could go on, feel free to add to the list…haha

2. To receiving one of the most amazing Thank You letters from an amazing girl and friend Gretchen Gray – not many make me speechless but this girl did – big hugs and much love!!

3. To setting goals, seeing them through, and continually making new ones…the journey has not been easy, life happens and I’ve hit some bumps along the way…but I’m looking at the physical changes and what I envisioned for my body is happening; I’m looking at my lifestyle and although still a work in progress I’m living the best balanced healthy lifestyle for me right now; I’m looking at where my life is headed and I think I made that happen…always believe in you and your dreams…we always look to others to “bet” on us, why not you bet on you and make it happen!

4. To pushing play and finishing strong with week 7 of Les Mills Pump!! Bring on week #8!!  This is my 3rd home workout program (love all of them), my main goal with this program was tone/sculpt and it’s happening down 5lbs (140 to 135lb), down 1in in my waist (31 to 30in), down 2in off my hips (36 to 34in) – ahhhh thanks Beachbody – love the complete package of a home workout program and Shakeology – I’m healthier than I have ever been – DAMN – feel the energy;)

5. To another week of staying FLU FREE…more positive vibes out to those recovering, those in the midst and those who feel the onsets – take care of you, rest up, and hope you’re 100% soon!

6. To my LOVE of Trader Joe’s…that’s all! If you love them, you know what I mean:)

7. To LOVING my life on Alki Beach…everyday I walk along the beach and see the mountains and Seattle skyline…I am thankful that I live here:)

8. To my love and I’ll admit it…addiction to #hashtags on instagram and twitter…#ItsFuntoMe #WhatCanISay #IllNeverStop #BeBloodyFit #PositiveVibes #LivingLovingLaughing

9. To starting from season 1 with the series Parks and Recreation…hilarious from the jump!

10. To my awesome family…you make me smile and fill me with sunshine everyday…thank you…big hugs and love always:-*

Cheers to love and living a healthy lifestyle:)




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