If you’re sick of starting over…

Hey, friends…how are you doin’ tonight;)?! How did you kick off your week?! I know many of you had a long weekend…I won’t lie – I had way more chocolate than planned last week (my weakness) and I had a fast food run – ahhhh and I live to tell the story…haha I did however kick off my Monday with week 7 of Les Mills Pump with Pump and Shred and Hard Core Abs and connected with a few friends – two Alki beach walks (morn and afternoon), talking family, friends, fitness and fun…a few of my fav things;)

BALANCE is key! I’m not beating myself up over it (although my belly may differ:/), or giving up on me or my health, I don’t make FF stops daily, weekly, or monthly…I made the decision, I’ll own it…I’m telling you this because we are human, I’m not striving for perfection…I’m doing my best everyday…we all are and some days come easier than others and that is why accountability groups and pages like mine are perfect…as well as surrounding yourself with like-minded, positive, supportive, motivating people.

No matter what your day held remember: YOU are in charge, believe in you, keep pushing forward, this day does not own you, be responsible for your actions – don’t make excuses…tomorrow is a new day – strive for making decisions that put you a step closer to your goals – YOU do not need to be perfect…you need to focus on doing your best daily!:) I believe in you and am here for you when or if you need me.

Cheers to a healthy and fit life! xo, ME

stop starting over


2 thoughts on “If you’re sick of starting over…

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    • Thank you for including my blog as a related article to your A Season of Sickness – greatly appreciated! I enjoyed reading your blog.

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