Sunday Salutes 02.17.13 – this week is dedicated to LOVE<3


Sunday Salutes 02.17.13 – this week is dedicated to LOVE<3

1. To making it through a tough couple of weeks at work…some weeks the physical, mental, and emotional are in full force…I’m very thankful to work with an awesome girl who makes me smile every day.

2. To pushing play everyday, even late on a few nights this week (7 and 8pm) and completing week 6 of Les Mills Pump…I mean HOLY SHIIIFITNESS…I can’t believe how lean and strong my body is becoming…I hit a big milestone – 30lbs on the chest and back track (dead rows and clean press) in Pump and Shred…I’m seeing amazing results check out…

3. To finding a love of Brussel Sprouts…eat your greens;) I’ve been purchasing them at Trader Joe’s – chopping in 1/2 or 1/4s and cooking in a pan for about 8min in between med and med-high add other veggies and meat as/if desired…they are so tasty in my quinoa, salads, and this morning in my eggs (I was out of spinach so gave it a try…YUM).

4. To the return of WALKING DEAD last Sunday…zombies, blood, and guts…OH MY! **Good reminder to get your CARDIO in as it is the first rule of Zombieland;)

5. To enjoying way more chocolate than a girl should have been allowed in a week and enjoying every minute of it;) When’s the Easter Bunny coming?!

6. To finally seeing THOR…the pieces are coming together!

7. To another week of staying FLU FREE…more positive vibes out to those recovering, those in the midst and those who feel the onsets – take care of you, rest up, and hope you’re 100% soon!

8. To a fun positive girl-vibe “book club” this week…it’s really awesome connecting and being around like-minded really cool women. Cheers ladies!!

9. To LOVE – ahhhh:-* and a very sweet, fun, and loving Valentine’s Day – xo baby!  And to all of you…big hugs and positive vibes out to you always!:)

10. To my awesome family…you make me smile and fill me with sunshine everyday…thank you…big hugs and love always:-*

Cheers to love and living a healthy lifestyle:)




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