Sunday Salutes 02.10.13

Sunday Salutes 02.10.13

1. To the NINJA Kitchen System Pulse – YOU are rockin my world – LOVING this blender!!  Ummm any item that comes with not one but THREE blender cups for on the go, I’m IN…plus, makes a mean tasty shake – I give this 2 thumbs up!!

2.  To enjoying some new fun, clever shows this year…have you watched The Neighbors, or The New Normal?  I’m loving them!  Do you have any new favs?

3.  To cleaning out my closets…seriously, it’s been a week of “life purging”…clothes, papers, things that were in boxes that I wasn’t using…buuuu-bye…ahhh feels so amazing.

4. To pushing play everyday and completing week 5 of Les Mills Pump…heading into week 6, phase 2, Pump and Shred…LOVING this workout, strong and lean!  Brian Holler and I can’t believe the results we are seeing so far…thanks Team Beachbody Coach 411 Marcie Reinhardt – Be Bloody Fit Shakeology®

5. To ONE more week and then mid-winter break – ahhhh – count down begins….NOW;)

6. To being cable free for 3 weeks and ohhhh my goodness, I’m still alive;)  Do you watch your fav shows on the right night at the right time?  I never did and was basically spending way to much $$ on cable to record shows on a DVR, now I watch them through hulu+ – pretty sweet.  BONUS:  You will find other ways to fill your time…engage in more conversations, read a book, workout, get outside for a walk, watch only your favs and find you have more time because you don’t veg out on random “crap” tv.

7. To frozen mango – mmmm you are a tasty new addition to my morning Shakeology!

8. To another week of staying FLU FREE…more positive vibes out to those recovering, those in the midst and those who feel the onsets – take care of you, rest up, and hope you’re 100% soon!

9.  To catching up with my best friend from college – girl YOU are awesome and I miss you – thank you for always being a true awesome fun loving friend who I always love connecting with…Big hugs and love always! xo

10. To my awesome family…you make me smile and fill me with sunshine everyday…thank you…big hugs and love always:-*

Cheers and wishing you the best of weeks to come and to Believing In YOU!

xo, ME


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