Stronger Every Day…JUST DO IT!!

You have to put in the hard work to create what you want…Stronger Every Day!! (Day 32 Les Mills Pump)
I have to work at my healthy lifestyle daily and some days are easier than others to push through, but I do it.  YOU just have to start… doing it, it’s honestly the 1st and hardest step but you won’t regret it…start making changes and it will lead you to bigger changes where you find yourself saying, ugh I don’t like the taste of that any more, or wow, I can’t believe how many push ups I can do now, or my head is so clear the fog has lifted…etc believe me so worth your time in order to create the life you want, instead of complaining or making excuses as to why you feel and look a certain way.
In moments where I need that extra push, I remember how I made a commitment to me, to my health, and how I don’t want to break that.  Reality and truth…it’s your relationship with yourself.  Think of all your  relationships…family, friends, loves, etc…you wouldn’t want to let any of them down, your there for them when they need it, why wouldn’t you be present for YOU?!  Why allow yourself to make excuses and not follow through.  Many of us can relate to being hurt in a relationship, and we know it sucks so why do it to yourself…treat YOU, the way YOU want to be treated!:)
I’m here for you every step…I’ve been through some low rough times in the past and because of taking that 1st big step, 1 year/10mo ago I’ve been my most consistent and most changing…I’ll continue to push forward, grow stronger, and live a healthy lifestyle that fits me best…join me…let’s live a healthy lifestyle together!:)
Cheers to Living, Loving, Laughing and to a Healthy and Fit Life! Xo, Me
ME stronger every day 02.07.13

2 thoughts on “Stronger Every Day…JUST DO IT!!

    • Thank you! I feel amazing – it’s been and still is the best adventure I could have put myself on…nothing but awesomeness is coming from my decisions. xo

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