Sunday Salutes 01.27.13 Making It Happen

Sunday Salutes 01.27.13 – this week is dedicated to…Making It Happen…Cheers!

1. To the beauty of BACK to BACK 3 day weekends – wahooo! Watch out…a girl could get used to this;)

2. To completing week 3 of Les Mills Pump – loving the results – super fun intense workout! Burn Baby Burn!

3. To knocking another goal off my list…#3 for the month of January – today I became a certified PiYo Strength instructor – now time to practice and start teaching!

4. To heading into the last semester of the school year and to making it through the first…cheers my teacher friends – working hard and making it happen everyday!!

5. To being cable free…good-bye Comcast…come to find out YOU ARE NOT the future of awesome, I AM;) plus I have a less expensive way to watch my shows that I don’t watch at the right time or day anyway…bu-bye!

6. To edamame – mmmm you have been a tasty warm snack for me this week:)

7. To another week of staying FLU FREE…more positive vibes out to those recovering, those in the midst and those who feel the onsets – take care of you, rest up, and hope you’re 100% soon!

8. To being proud of me for taking charge and creating the life I have envisioned…thank you to my family and friends for the support, love, and encouragement…it’s only just begun…who’s coming with me?!! Let’s go for a ride:)

9. To my nephews, Jackson and Ezmund who celebrated their 5th Birthday’s this weekend – HIGH FIVE BOYS!!

10. To my awesome family…you make me smile and fill me with sunshine everyday…thank you…big hugs and love always:-*

Cheers and wishing you the best of weeks to come and to Making It Happen!

xo, ME


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