All in your head


…nothing new just a reminder that it’s ALL in YOUR HEAD, it comes from within YOU!! And if you didn’t know, then welcome to YOUR MIND and all the abilities you have!;)

Think about that…YOU, YOU have the power every minute of every day to choose the direction you are headed, your reactions, words, the energy you put into yourself, someone or something. YOU control your daily emotions, attitude, motivation, and commitment…YOU are in control of YOU!! Pretty amazing;)

Yes, you can and should look to others for support, accountability, inspiration, and positive vibes, but YOU have to want it bad enough to make your goals happen…don’t rely on others to make them come true. Which brings me to another thing that floats around in our heads…don’t allow negative feelings from yourself or others to overcome you…do NOT allow anyone, I repeat DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE to determine YOUR daily behavior, attitude, thoughts, or motivation…why give them that power?? Rise above and move along, you have better things to tend to. YOU need to speak positively to yourself daily, fight through some pain and discomfort of the changes or the realizations of yourself or others and come out even more alive than you have ever been…believe in your power to make changes, believe in your power to be the best you.

So if you are looking to make a positive change(s) in your life? Are sick and tired of starting over and being sick and tired? Are ready to push forward through some big goals? Are ready to commit to you? Then make it happen, take charge of your life, and stop making excuses…there is no time like the present – start with what you have and begin…the hardest part is starting but once you do…LOOK OUT WORLD!  And if you are looking for support, come join me on my FB page:  Marcie Reinhardt-BeBloodyFit


I understand we all have different situations and schedules, but I’m sure we can agree that we seem to find the time for what we want in our lives (so if you don’t want it, DROP IT like it’s hot and if you do want it, then JUST DO IT)…look through the things you do on a daily basis, are they helping you to improve, are they making you better and stronger, are the people surrounding you positive influences, supporting you, believing in you…you tell me, could you schedule 20, 30, 40, 60 minutes a day to dedicate to YOU and something you are passionate about?  It is time for YOU to schedule and prioritize for what you desire in life. MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

I’m living proof of what that means, I’ve flipped my lifestyle around in almost 2 years thanks to my commitment to ME and determination to succeed. I dropped some old, bad habits and picked up a lifetime of positive awesome habits – my life and the people in my life are better for the changes I have made. I’m still learning but I’m ahead of my game now, and there is no looking back. There were times I didn’t want to push forward, but I battled on and grew stronger in all areas because of the importance of the changes I desired and now my life has improved plentiful – Physically, I’m stronger and in the best shape of my life, Mentally, the fog lifted so to speak and I make better positive decisions for myself (not that I was making horrible ones but far less times of saying “uhh I wish I hadn’t” or “why did I do this”) and Emotionally, well I’ve let that guard down and accepted many things as they were and I’m more honest with my feelings (still a work in progress – if you know me, I’ve come far). It’s not easy, it takes hard work and dedication but now it seems so simple and natural…any questions, or you can relate to my story and want to connect, feel free to message me on Facebook ( Be proud of YOU always!

Cheers to my BeBloodyFit Fam and to living a healthy and fit life! Xo, ME



**I owe my come back to Beachbody and committing to ME – I began the 90 day program Turbo Fire, drank Shakeology daily, and began creating my healthy lifestyle that was 04.11.11. Today, I continue to enjoy Beachbody workouts: Chalene Extreme, Les Mills Pump, I drink Shakeology daily, and my healthy lifestyle is going strong…check out my links.


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