Sunday Salutes 01.20.13

LOVE 01.16.13

Sunday Salutes 01.20.13 – look back on your week and be thankful…

1.  To the beauty of a 3 day weekend…what, Monday??

2.  To completing week 2 of Les Mills Pump – getting stronger every day – PuMp and BuRn!

3.  To gaining more awareness of myself through my “clean sweep” – amazing what you will come across while cleaning out your closet that hits you deep and all the sudden you realize all these accomplishments, paths you’ve taken right and wrong have led you right to where you’re supposed to be, making dreams and goals come true along the way…amazed at how many goals I have written and achieved..shed some proudful tears…feeling “cleansed” in a way I wasn’t expecting when I decided to get ride of items.

4.  Fuji Apples – I love your sweet and crispness – you’ve been a great mid-day $.89lb at Safeway, mmmK;)

5.  To the mid-week roses surprise from my man – came on a day I really needed some inspiration and motivation (picture posted on Wednesday) so sweet!

6.  To a successful week of student led FITness Challenges and an awesome “team teacher” Cooper you ROCK!

7.  To another week of staying FLU FREE…more positive vibes out to those recovering, those in the midst and those who feel the onsets – take care of you, rest up, and hope you’re 100% soon!

8.   To connecting with family and friends randomly through text messages – so fun to get a “thought of you” text – brightens your day, sparks memories (hopefully only good ones…if bad  – take a look at the relationship).  Your mission:  Pay It Forward, this is my “thinking of you” text – Thank you for making me smile everyday – xoxo!  This week, send a random “thinking of you” text to a family member or friend:)  Spread the LOVE!

9.  To registering for PiYo instructor certification next Sunday 01.27.13 – goal #2 of 2013.

10.  To my awesome family…you make me smile and fill me with sunshine everyday…thank you…big hugs and love always:-*


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